Most women need some sort of stimulation of their clitoris in order to reach orgasm. But even if a women reaches orgasm, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a strong or powerful orgasm. And it certainly doesn’t guarantee that her orgasm will be earth-moving. So what does a women need to have really amazing orgasms?

The intensity of orgasms for women depends on two major components. First is her ability to really get psychologically aroused. The more relaxed her mind is, the more she is able to focus on her sexy and erotic thoughts. When she is truly lost in this arousal, she is capable of having intense, earth-moving orgasms. Obviously, anything that takes away from her arousal – any anxieties, self-doubts, distractions – will take her further and further from this level of orgasm.

The other factor that determines how powerful an orgasm will be is her physical condition. The more arousal that a woman receives, the better filled her erectile tissue will be (internal and external clitoris) and this heightens sensation for her. Her clitoris is a complex structure that responds both to psychological and physical stimulation. The more of it that is stimulated, the stronger the orgasm will be as well. This why G-spot stimulation can be particularly powerful for women.

A very important part of her physical condition is the strength of her pelvic floor. These muscles are the ones that contract repeatedly with the rhythm of orgasm. How strong those muscles are will determine how strong her orgasmic contractions are – providing more pleasure for her and for him as well. But the pelvic floor muscles can easily become weakened – most commonly with pregnancy and childbirth, or after menopause. Some women can also have weakening of the pelvic floor if they are overweight for a long period of time, or if they are not exercising and having regular sexual activity and orgasms.

To strengthen the pelvic floor, exercises have commonly been recommended but women often forget to do them diligently or else aren’t getting a strong, coordinated contraction. There is a special product called INTENSITY that has really been a game-changer for women wanting to have much stronger orgasms by increasing their pelvic floor tone. Intensity is unique because it offers the ability to strengthen the pelvic floor while also providing pleasure with vibration both internally and externally.

INTENSITY uses a gentle muscle stimulation that causes an automatic and rhythmic contraction of the entire pelvic floor. This is the most efficient way to exercise your pelvic floor to provide those powerful orgasms. A woman can choose to use it just to exercise and for sexual pleasure either at the same time or before or after. And because it strengthens the pelvic floor, it will help prevent any leakage of urine that may accompany a weakened pelvic floor. But truly, you will have orgasms like you never had before!

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