What services do you provide in your private practice?

There are a few services that I provide in my private practice. First, I do sex therapy with couples and individuals looking to work through some sexual difficulty, sexual dysfunction, or just to improve their sex lives. Next, I provide hormone supplementation to both men and women looking to optimize their hormone status or correct some of the imbalances that may occur throughout life. I also work with a functional medicine approach and can give counseling regarding the effects of diet on your health.

What does sex therapy involve?

Sex therapy is based on talk therapy. A thorough history is obtained which includes any medical, personal, and relationship information, and a treatment plan is devised for the individual or couple. Although all the therapy in the office is talk therapy, the person or couple may be given exercises or techniques to practice at home either alone or with their partner. Each therapy is tailored to the particular needs of the individual and may include classical sex therapy, relationship counseling, focus on techniques, or psychotherapy.

How long does sex therapy take?

Since different people present to the office with different difficulties in different stages of severity, it is impossible to give a time frame for sex therapy. Some couples or individuals are satisfied with a handful of visits, while others prefer or require months of treatment. How much the individual is able to work on the issues between sessions also helps determine the duration of treatment.

How do you test for hormone deficiencies/imbalances?

Basic hormone levels (Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, Cortisol, and DHEA) can be easily tested with a saliva kit for the person to collect at home. Other profiles such as thyroid, SHBG, or markers of inflammation or increased clotting must be measured in blood. A prescription is given for these and the individual has them drawn at a lab of their convenience.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not participate with any insurance companies, so clients pay at the time of the session. Whenever possible, I can provide an invoice so that you may request reimbursement from your insurance company if you have out-of-network benefits for mental hygiene.