Presenting – Madeleine M. Castellanos, MD
– a physician who loves to teach and is a
passionate and inspiring speaker.

A dynamic and passionate speaker, Madeleine brings life-changing information to audiences with compassion, sincerity, and enthusiasm. A physician who is not shy about any topic, she has an uncanny ability to explain the workings of the body and mind in an understandable and approachable way. She invites others to transform their lives by understanding how to work with their physical and psychological nature for real growth and healing.

Madeleine is Cuban-American, fluent in Spanish as well as English, and her fiery passion shows through when she is speaking and sharing her knowledge. She realized her dream of becoming a physician only to find that medical education left out some of the most important aspects of health – how our diet and lifestyle truly impact our health, how to keep our sexuality optimized for personal fulfillment and relationship satisfaction, the power of our thoughts and beliefs in creating a state of health and happiness in our bodies and our lives. On her own, she has made it her mission to bring these topics not just to her patients, but to the public by way of workshops, talks, media, and her blog.

Tailored for your needs

  • Radio

Intelligent Medicine with Ronald Hoffman – March 2014 “Female Sexual Dysfunction”
Doctor Radio – November 2011, SiriusXM Ch81 “Sexual Health with Dr. Virginia Saddock”
WNYU Radio – February 2011 “Earshot: Talking About Sex Therapy and Sex Addiction”
BlogTalk Radio – Understanding Orgasms – The Big “O”

  • Television

Better Tv Show – May 2014 “Spring Clean Your Sexy”
Fox NY – April 2014 “Good Day New York”
MSNBC– July 2013 “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell”
Dr. Steve Show – December 2011 “Have Better Sex in 2012”
MTV Videos – October 2010 “MTV Commercial, Jackass 3D Promo”

  • Television (Spanish)

Univisión 45 Houston – March 2014 “Preguntas Vergonzosas”
Telemundo – December 2011, Al Amanecer con Jackie “Como la Diabetes Afecta la Función Sexual”
Telemundo – June 2011, Lo Mejor De Jackie “Falta de Testosterona en los Hombres”
Telemundo – May 2011, Lo Mejor De Jackie “Falta de Deseo Sexual en las Mujeres”
Telemundo – March 2011, Lo Mejor De Jackie “Disfunción Eréctil”

  • Newspapers-Magazine-Online (video series) – July 2014 “Sex After Baby” (video series) – March 2014 “Women’s Sexual Response and Orgasm”
Women’s – March 2014 “You’ll Never Believe What Women Are Doing for Better Orgasms”
Fox – February 2012 “Antidepressants May Cause Infertility in Males” – April 2011 “Penis Girth Matters” – March 2011 “Even if Birth Control Decreases Libido, You Can Still Have Sex”
Fox – March 2011 “Sizing Up the Man”
Fox – March 2011 “Your Sex Life Up in Smoke”
That’s – November 2010 “Antidepressants Can Depress Sexual Functioning and Libido”
Woman’s – November 2010 “10 Exercises for Better Sex”
AARP Viva – Summer 2010 “Latinas Are Luckier in Love”
She Knows Love at – Mar 2010 “Top 10 Sex Positions for Mind-Blowing Orgasms”
Women’s Health Magazine – Jan/Feb 2010 “The Best Cities for Women – Fargo, North Dakota”

Sample Topics

(personalized presentations and topics on request)

  • The Body’s Paths to Healing– learn how everyday factors work either to create health or to keep you from feeling good and full of vitality
  • Sex after Breast Cancer– learn how to regain one’s sex life and sexual pleasure after diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Sexuality Throughout the Life Cycle–understand the dynamics of sex at any age and how to maximize your lifestyle to keep your sex life vibrant through the years
  • How to Speak to Your Patients About Sexual Functioning– help doctors, nurses, and therapist understand how to have life-changing conversations with their patients about sex
  • The Science of Sexual Arousal and How it Works– discover the reasons why sexual desire fades and arousal is so difficult to achieve over time, and what to do about it
  • Breaking Away From the Reductionist View of Medicine– understand how addressing symptoms works against total health and how to approach the whole body-system
  • The Role of Pleasure in Learning & Shaping Your Life – learn to break the pattern of anxiety and negativity for increased memory, clarity of thought, and joy