Despite what you might see on television or read in ads, there are many reasons why it might be perfectly natural for guys to have low testosterone.  Similarly there are many ways to optimize your testosterone without taking prescription drugs or even herbal supplements.

First, it is important to understand that the brain controls the level of testosterone based on many different factors.  If the body isn’t getting proper resources or there is a constant level of threat around, the body tries to be efficient and keep testosterone levels on the lower side.  It saves energy and decreases the chance you’ll get into a conflict just to lose.   So how are some of the ways that you can increase testosterone levels naturally?

Get enough sleep.

Your body does not use its resources of proteins, vitamins, and minerals the same when you are sleep deprived as it does when you get plenty of it.  It is vital for your body to get enough sleep on a regular basis for your brain to signal testosterone levels to be up.  It costs the body a lot of energy to have a higher testosterone level, so failing to recharge with a good night’s sleep day will encourage your body to keep it low.

Get enough zinc.

Zinc is a mineral that is used in many different systems of the body including the immune system, the skin, and also the reproductive system.  It has been shown that men deficient in zinc can have a drop in their testosterone by half, and women need it for proper development of eggs and fertility.  Since guys lose zinc every time they ejaculate, they need to have higher amounts of zinc in their diets.  Men should consider supplementing their diet with zinc every day to keep optimal testosterone levels.

Decrease your stress.

When a person is under constant stress and/or they feel constantly defeated or beaten, their brains will try to decrease their motivation for competition to save them and their bodily resources.  Although it’s a depressing thought, chronic stress is interpreted just like this by our brains which signal the body to lower testosterone levels.  Take a good look at your day to day stress and ask yourself what affect it is having on your testosterone levels overall.

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