Q: “Dr. C,  I’ve always [believed that my] ejaculation and my semen volume has always seemed small.  I’m wondering if. . . . there is anything that I can do. Thank you for the information.”

A: Thanks for your great question.  I have to ask – To what are you comparing your amount of ejaculate?  What makes it seem as though it’s not very much?  If you are comparing yourself to what you see in porn, you better stop right there and think again.  Too many people compare themselves to porn and somehow it doesn’t sink in that IT’S A MOVIE and some aspects of it are FAKE.  A mixture of cornstarch and water to simulate semen can even be used to heighten the effect, especially for shots to the face.  And remember, that in a movie, a shot can be edited anyway you like – made to look like it’s lasting longer or whatever.

How much semen is in an ejaculation?

Most people have difficulty judging the exact volume of their ejaculate, especially when it’s spread out or partly soaked up in a napkin or tissue.  On average, guys ejaculate about 1 teaspoon-worth of semen in one ejaculation – about 5 mL – which is not a large amount.   The amount (volume) of ejaculate will be a little more if it’s been awhile since you ejaculated and less if you ejaculated recently.

How does arousal affect the amount of ejaculation?

A man’s body is constantly producing sperm and storing it up for ejaculation.  This gets mixed with fluid produced by the seminal vesicles and prostate.  Apart from frequency of ejaculation, the amount of time spent in sexual activity and the amount of arousal can also affect the volume of ejaculate.  The longer the build-up, arousal, and direct stimulation prior to ejaculation, the more volume of fluid can be produced to mix with sperm for ejaculation.  Some men also have noticed that this increase in ejaculate volume with longer stimulation also produces a waterier semen because of the increased fluid to sperm ratio.

You can improve your ejaculation.

So it stands to reason that if you are dehydrated, your volume will probably be less.  Other factors that affect it are getting proper amounts of zinc in your diet, getting good sleep, stress levels and your frequency of ejaculation.  Genetic factors and age also play a part, but those are not under your control.  Strengthening your PC muscles can produce stronger contractions on orgasm and help push out more fluid.  I explain how to strengthen your PC muscles by doing Kegel exercises in this article.  You can also check out my eBook, A Man’s Guide to Male Sexual Issues.

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