I believe that most people have the potential to explore what positions they find most pleasurable and stimulating. All you need is some playfulness, curiosity, and willingness to experiment. Because there are slight variations in anatomy including size, shape, and sensitivity, what works very well for one person, may not be so great for another. Oftentimes, what is required is some trial and error with the understanding that not everything is going to work. Many people hold themselves back by shying away from this experimentation, but it is really the best way to learn about yourself and about how you and your anatomy works with your particular partner.

A good starting point is often a list of different ideas to choose from. I was recently asked to suggest some positions that would enhance the sexual experience, particularly for women. You can see these along with some other great positions at “Top 10 Sex Positions for Mind-Blowing Orgasms” at SheKnows.com .

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