Since the majority of men in the US have been circumcised shortly after birth, there are lots of women (and men for that matter) who have never seen an uncircumcised guy, much less had them as their sexual partner. Recently, I was asked what it would be like to be with a guy who was “uncut” and if it would change the experience of sex. So what is the difference when it comes to getting it on with a guy who is uncut?

Having a foreskin is the natural state for a penis.

Boys are born with their foreskin intact covering the head of their penis, which serves to protect the head as well as the opening of the urethra. When a circumcision is performed, a good portion of the foreskin is cut so that the head of the penis stays exposed at all times. Usually, this is done a few days after the baby is born, but occasionally boys or men have to get circumcised later in life because they either get a severe infection, recurrent infections and inflammation, or have difficulty moving the foreskin up and back over the head of the penis. Since people are always more comfortable and accepting of what they know, sadly many people in the US consider an uncircumcised penis as strange, or even ugly. But an intact foreskin can be very sexy for both men and their partners, and there are actually many people who prefer it. Being uncut also helps preserve the sensitivity of the head and the frenulum since both are protected from rubbing against underwear all day long.

How does a foreskin affect sex?

Because the foreskin of some men pulls back over the head when he has an erection, it may appear to look just like a cut guy’s when he is erect, while other guys have a longer foreskin that still covers the head when erect. Guys that are uncut enjoy the movement of the foreskin over the head of the penis during sex or other sexual stimulation often without the need for any lubrication. Some uncircumcised men feel that they are more sensitive over their head because the foreskin keeps the glans and frenulum softer, without getting desensitized. This can make sex more intense for them. For women, they may experience less friction with penetration since more of the movement is between the foreskin and the shaft instead of the shaft and the vaginal wall. For some women, this is wonderful, while others are looking for how to increase the friction. Usually, pulling the foreskin down to the base helps move it out of the way so she can get the friction she’s looking for. All in all, being uncut can add extra options for stimulation, whether it’s vaginal, oral, manual, or otherwise.

Using a condom with an uncircumcised penis.

We’ve already spoken about the variations in foreskin from one guy to another, some men with foreskin naturally pulled back over their erection, whereas another man might have it still covering the head of the penis even when fully erect. Regardless, it can be a little challenging to learn how to put on a condom with the foreskin intact, but it just takes a little practice. It’s basically the same for an uncut guy as it is for a cut guy, except that he should pull the foreskin down his shaft so that the entire head of his penis is exposed first, then make sure he rolls the condom down all the way to the base of his erection. In any case, many uncircumcised men find that condoms with a little more space at the top will allow for more movement of skin/condom over his frenulum and head which helps intercourse feel more like it does without a condom.

Bottom line – don’t let any preconceived notions about circumcised vs. uncircumcised keep you from getting to know your partner and enjoying every last inch of him!

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