What is the key to orgasm for most women, with the highest concentration of nerve endings of the entire body? Most people know that it is the clitoris. But how well do you know the clitoris? The little pink pearl that peeks out from under the skin that forms a hood is just the figurative tip of the iceberg. The tip of the clitoris is just the external part of a much larger structure that extends internally around the entire vulva.

The clitoris is made up of erectile tissue that becomes engorged with blood when a woman gets aroused. This is exactly what happens in the erectile tissue of a man’s penis when he gets an erection, except that a woman’s erectile tissue is completely internal apart from a tiny shaft and tip of the clitoris. If you imagine the same amount of erectile tissue that is found in the penis being located inside the woman’s body, you get an idea of the extent of the true size of the clitoris and its related structures. The difference is that the erectile tissue in women is spread out to surround the opening of the urethra and the vagina, while a man has the majority of his erectile tissue projecting outside of his body in his penis.

Under the surface, the clitoris extends in an inverted “V” shape under the pubic bone to each side. Connected to this is erectile tissue that completely surrounds a woman’s urethra. This contributes to the pleasure that a woman experiences with stimulation of the U-spot and the G-spot, as well as makes female ejaculation possible. Next, on each side of the vaginal opening, there is a pouch of erectile tissue that makes up the vestibular bulb. These 2 bulbs of erectile tissue can significantly increase in size when they fill up with blood. They then create an enjoyable feeling of pressure when they are stimulated, such as by penetration or pressure on the labia majora. Finally, behind the opening of the vagina is more erectile tissue that completes the network of erectile tissue encircling the vaginal opening.

The clitoris and the surrounding erectile tissue is very responsive to both psychological arousal and physical stimulation. There is plenty of room to experiment and a multitude of ways to give pleasure to a woman through her genitals. Keep in mind that there is a whole network of erectile tissue and you will start to understand how a combination of sensations heightens her pleasure, which can include outer and inner stimulation. Let her be your guide, and always err on the side of slow and soft and then build up to harder and faster as she lets you know.

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