In my opinion, a person’s sexual activity is intimately linked with the rest of the functioning of the body. What this means is that having sex will have an effect on all of the other systems of the body. Researchers have found multiple ways in which sex contributes to overall health and a longer life. One of those ways is by boosting the immune system.

How can sex make you healthier?

In order to fight off infection, the body mobilizes it’s immune system to try to ward off viruses and bacteria from getting in and making you sick. One of the primary ways of doing this is by active immune cells in your mouth, nose, and vaginal tissue. These cells are called IgA immune cells and they are the body’s first line of defense by killing any microbes that might happen to get a little too close (did you forget to wash your hands before touching your mouth?).

Sex actually boosts your immune system

Researchers at Wilkes University found that college students who had sex 1-2 times per week had higher levels of IgA cells in their saliva. These cells would then be able to fight off any foreign germs they might happen to breathe in. With higher IgA levels, a person has a better chance of fighting off infections of this sort so they might not get sick as often. This means that your summer cold could be a thing of the past.

A happier life in more ways than one

Having regular sexual activity can be very beneficial both physically and emotionally. To have great sex requires being able to relax with someone that you trust so that you are not caught up in anxiety instead of arousal. We can see that not only does having an active sex life hold the possibility of great physical pleasure and emotional stimulation, but also might reduce the number of sick days a person may have to take off (when they are actually sick of course!). In my opinion, the benefits from having regular sex are significant when a person is actually enjoying the sexual contact and is relaxed enough to have a good level of arousal. So what are you doing to prevent your next cold?

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