Although I believe that the goal of sexual relationships is connection and mutual pleasure, I also believe that there is great power in having orgasms. Women, in particular, benefit from making orgasms a priority in their life. Not only do orgasms add to their pleasure and vitality, orgasms increase the flow of creative energy and add to overall physical health.

Are orgasms good for you?

Studies have found that orgasms are really the only time that women’s brains are able to experience deep relaxation. In fact, when a woman has an orgasm, her brain is able to quiet down to levels matched only by transcendental meditation. Here are some of the benefits of orgasms for women:

1. Orgasms help balance your hormones.

Orgasms help give a boost of testosterone and estrogen for women. They also help decrease stress which keeps cortisol levels in check. When women have orgasms, they are more able to take charge of their sexuality and tend to be more confident and positive in their sexual relationships. This makes for less stress and more enjoyment with your partner as you get your blood flowing with your sexual relationship.

2. Orgasms give a boost of oxytocin.

Everyone has touted oxytocin as the hormone of bonding. The reason why this happens is because oxytocin helps reinforce all those connections that we feel are beneficial for our social circle, which includes the sexual partner with whom you may have just experienced an orgasm. Oxytocin has also been found to regenerate muscle tissue, literally making you younger.

3. Orgasms help you feel alive.

With orgasm, not only do women have a full-body wave of ecstasy, but they also engage their energy all over their body connecting them to their source of power and vitality. Too often in our society, women are pushed to look outward for their self-worth and their sense of purpose in our culture. Orgasms help a woman understand her true power and beauty that exists within her because of her feminine energy, regardless of her age. Remember that women are also capable of multiple orgasms with a little to no refractory period. Here we see the life energy of women reflected in their sexual energy, which should be celebrated often.

4. Orgasms tune you into your sexual power.

The truth is that orgasm mobilizes an energy that you would not normally have access to otherwise. Orgasms enhance a woman’s creativity which can translate into a world of difference, not only in her problem solving, but in her life trajectory as well. Her relationship is energized by her orgasm, and it becomes a fountain of joy and energy for her.


Dr. Castellanos is a psychiatrist specializing in sex therapy, bio-identical hormones, and functional medicine consultation. You can follow her on Facebook at The Sex MD, and Twitter at @DrCastellanos.

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