Modern medicine still does not understand exactly the hows and whys of orgasm. But we do know that for humans, our psychological state is the major determining factor as to whether we can have an orgasm, or have difficulty acheiving one. We are, however, starting to understand more about what happens in the brain as a result of orgasm. But there is so much more to be studied and explored.

First, we know that at orgasm, both men and women release an increased amount of oxytocin. We know that oxytocin promotes feelings of comfort, closeness, relaxation, and feeling tingly all over. In women, it also causes contractions of the uterus, and may contribute to stronger orgasms. Along with this is the release of prolactin, another hormone that helps us feel satisfied and calm. There are studies demonstrating that at the point of orgasm, there is a protection against feeling pain without decreasing other sensations. Some people find that it helps relieve migraines, and others find it useful for body pain. Even though the effects of pain relief are immediate and last only a few minutes, those people regularly having orgasms experience lower levels of pain overall because of the increase in the body’s natural opiods. We know that people having several orgasms per week have less chance for heart disease and stroke. I would also venture to guess that they smile more often.

Perhaps the most enjoyable benefit of orgasm is the feeling of being alive and charged sexually. When you orgasm, you feel powerful. It increases your blood flow throughout your body, but most importantly, to your genitals for increased support of those tissues and muscles. This is the best way to keep these tissues healthy, because blood flow promotes more blood flow in a positive feedback cycle. It’s the flip side of ‘use it or lose it.’

Even if you don’t have a partner, bringing yourself to orgasm helps you gain some of these benefits. Although not all will admit it, most men will continue to actively masturbate even if they don’t have a partner. I am still suprised, however, that there are several women who do not ‘take matters into their own hands’ when they find themselves without a partner. For some it is guilt, for some it seems inappropriate, for some it brings many negative automatic thoughts as to why they do not have a partner. Regardless, all of these cause a women to relinquish control of her sexuality and abandon an activity that her body thrives on.

I propose that we all masturbate frequently and happily. Just imagine if everyone woke up just a few minutes earlier and was able to have a little orgasm before leaving for work? I wonder if we would have a lot less road rage?

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